Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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The Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (AKA the War of the Rebellion Atlas) was published as a companion piece to the Official Records of the American Civil War. The Atlas contains three types of illustrations: maps, illustrations based on photographs, and illustrations and technical drawings - 203 pages in total.

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The Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (AKA the War of the Rebellion Atlas) was published as a companion piece to the Official Records of the American Civil War.

The Atlas contains three types of illustrations: maps, illustrations based on photographs, and illustrations and technical drawings.

  • Maps: A total of 156 plates containing maps ranging from small-scale engagements to regional views and date-specific snapshots of long-running sieges like Vicksburg and Atlanta.
  • Illustrations based on photographs: Twelve plates that include images of Charleston Harbor and Ft. Sumter, Missionary Ridge and various elements of mid-nineteenth century warfare.
  • Illustrations and technical drawings: Ten plates containing diagrams of defensive elements (redoubts, redans, and forts, for example), equipment and armaments, uniforms, and flags.

Here is a sample of one of the illustrations from the atlas in a small size and then blown up to about 30% of its fully detailed size to help you get an idea of how detailed the images are in the atlas. (The blow up is of frame eight in the image below.)

As you can see, even a representation at 30% of its full size is quite detailed.

Note that the full size maps/illustrations are in jpeg2 format. Links to a jpeg2 viewer for Windows computers are provided on the DVD.

Here are thumbnails of all the pages that make up the atlas.

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Table of Contents - 1

Table of Contents - 2

Table of Contents - 3

Map, Sketches, Etc. Pertaining to the Several Volumes - 1

Map, Sketches, Etc. Pertaining to the Several Volumes - 2

Authorities - 1

Authorities - 2

Authorities - 3

Authorities - 4

Authorities - 5

Index - 1

Index - 2

Index - 3

Index - 4

Index - 5

Index - 6

Index - 7

Index - 8

Index - 9

Index - 10

Index - 11

Index - 12

Index - 13

Pl. I: Fort Moultrie, Fort Johnson and Morris Island and Cummings Point

Pl. II: Cummings Point, Fort Johnson, West Virginia, Rich Mountain, Camp Garrett, and Rich Mt. Battlefield

Pl. III: Bull Run, Manassas

Pl. IV: Charleston (SC), Belmont

Pl. V: Young's Branch, Columbus (KY), Fort Pulaski, Front Royal, Fort Pickens (FL), Bull Run, Bailey's Cross Roads (VA), and Hunter's Chapel (VA)

Pl. VI: Washington (DC), Paducah (KY), Mill Springs (KY), Logan's Cross Roads (KY)

Pl. VII: Northeastern Virginia and the Vicinity of Washington - 1

Pl. VIII: Northeastern Virginia and the Vicinity of Washington - 2

Pl. IX: Carnifix Ferry (WV), Somerset (KY), Vicinity of Gauley Bridge (WV)

Pl. X: Island 10 (MS), Keetsville to Fayetteville (AR), Pea Ridge (AR), Bentonville (AR) to Cassvile (MO), Centerville, Leetown, Manassas Junction, Shiloh

Pl. XI: Fort Henry, Tennessee and Cumberland, Fort Donelson, Cumberland River

Pl. XII: Valverde (NM), Shiloh, Fort Craig (NM), Roanoake Island

Pl. XIII: Shiloh, Corinth (MS), Harrison's Landing (VA), Dranesville (VA)

Pl. XIV: Yorktown (VA), Shiloh, Corinth (MS)

Pl. XV: Yorktown (VA)

Pl. XVISouthwestern Virginia and Fort Monroe

Pl. XVII: Southwestern Virginia and Fort Monroe, Lee's Mill (VA)

Pl. XVIII: Dept. of Virginia, Yorktown to Williamsburg

Pl. XIX: White House to Harrison's Landing, Yorktown (VA), Williamsburg to White House, Mulberry Island (VA)

Pl. XX: Richmond, Williamsburg (VA)

Pl. XXI: Various locations in Virginia

Pl. XXII: Stuart's cavalry brigade, Cedar Mountain, Manassas, Bull Run, Field operations of the Army of Virginia

Pl. XXIII: First Corps, Army of Virginia, Cloveton, Stuart's movements, Sessionville (NC), Great Lakes Regions, Corinth (MS)

Pl. XXIV: Baton Rouge (LA), Perryville (KY), Army of the Cumberland, Siege of Washington

Pl. XXV: Corinth (MS), Iuka (MS), Bayou Fourche (AR), Fredericksburg (VA), Wilmington, Maryland to Pennsylvania

Pl. XXVI: Fort Esperanza (TX), Morris Island, Ashepoo to Combahee Rivers (SC), Suffolk and vicinity

Pl. XXVII: Military Depts. of Washington, Pennsylvania, Annapolis and Northwest Virginia, South Mountain, operations near Vicksburg (MS)

Pl. XXVIII: Antietam, Suffolk, Gettysburg, Franklin

Pl. XXIX: Harper's Ferry and Sharpburg, Antietam

Pl. XXX: Stone's River, Tennessee, Fredericksburg (VA), Huntersville Lane, Chickamauga

Pl. XXXI: Murfreesborough (TN), Stone's River Campaign, Fredericksburg, Tullahoma, Thompson's Hill

Pl. XXXII: Stone's River, Fredericksburg, Sabine Pass, Grand Gulf (MS), Liberty Gap (TN), Little Rock (AR)

Pl. XXXIII: Fredericksburg, Sioux Expedition, Buzzard Roost (GA), Big Mound, Dead Buffalo Lake, Dry Fork Creek (MO)

Pl. XXXIV: Readyville, Bradyville, and Woodbury, Shelbyville and vicinity

Pl. XXXV: Decherd, Manchester and vicinity, Tullahoma (TN), Duckport to Walnut Bayou, Chattanooga, Shelbyville and vicinity

Pl. XXXVI: Milliken's Bend (LA) and Jackson (MS), Vicksburg (MS)

Pl. XXXVII: Vicksburg (MS), Jackson (MS), Big Black River Railroad Bridge (MS)

Pl. XXXVIII: Galveston (TX), Port Hudson (LA), Charleston Harbor

Pl. XXXIX: Jackson (MS), Rappahannock River, Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg, Winchester

Pl. XL: Petersburg, Gettysburg (PA), Burnside Expedition, Lovejoy's Station (GA)

Pl. XLI: Chancellorsville, Salem Church and Fredericksburg, Dranesville (VA)

Pl. XLII: Harper's Ferry (VA), Hagerstown, Funkstown, Williamsport and Falling Waters (MD)

Pl. XLIII: Gettysburg, Winchester, Marietta, Dallas, Fredericksburg to Gettysburg, Texas Coast

Pl. XLIV: Charlestown Harbor, Army of the Potomac

Pl. XLV: Orange County (VA), Military Depts. of Washington, Pennsylvania, Annapolis and Northeastern Virginia, Second Army Corp, Bristoe, Missionary Ridge (TN)

Pl. XLVI: Chickamauga, 15th Army Corps

Pl. XLVII: Army of the Missouri, Chickamauga, Pine Mountain, Atlanta, Mine Run and vicinity (VA), Wauhatchie (TN)

Pl. XLVIII: Chickamauga, Knoxville (TN), Dallas, Acworth and Dallas and Marietta Roads

Pl. XLIX: Chattanooga, McPherson's Crossing at Roswell, Marietta, Schofield

Pl. L: vicinity of Brown's Ferry, Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, Red River Expedition

Pl. LI: Vicksburg and Meridian (MS), Atlanta (GA), Smith's Island (GA)

Pl. LII: Red River (LA)

Pl. LIII: Arkansas and Louisiana, Red River, Ocean Pond (FL), Part of Louisiana

Pl. LIV: Texas and part of New Mexico, New Creek (WV), Pleasant Mills

Pl. LV: Wilderness (VA), Spotsylvania C.H. (VA), Todd's Tavern (VA), North Anna, Totopotomoy and Bethesda Church (VA), Dalton (GA)

Pl. LVI: Petersburg (VA), Atlanta Campaign

Pl. LVII: Atlanta Campaign

Pl. LVIII: Atlanta Campaign, Resaca (GA), New Hope Church (GA), Kenesaw Mountain (GA)

Pl. LIX: Atlanta Campaign, Resaca (GA), Jonesborough (GA), Nickajack Creek (GA)

Pl. LX: Atlanta Campaign

Pl. LXI: Lovejoy's Station (GA), Atlanta Campaign, Bethel (VA), Jonesborough (GA), Resaca (GA), Owen's Mill (GA)

Pl. LXII: Atlanta Campaign (11), Chattahoochee (GA), Kenesaw Mountain (GA), Nickajack (GA)

Pl. LXIII: Fort Morgan (AL), Harrisburg (MS), Stubb's Plantation and Brice's Crossroads (MS), Snake Creek Gap (GA), Roswell, Fredericksburg (VA), Mechanicsville and Cold Harbor (VA)

Pl. LXIV: Siege of Richmond, Chickahominy,

Pl. LXV: Petersburg vicinity, Marietta vicinity, Atlanta vicinity, Schofield, Deep Bottom (VA), James River (VA), Coast of Texas

Pl. LXVI: Sterling Price (MS), Westport and Big Blue (MO), Charlot, Newtonia (MO), Mine Creek (KS), Five Forks (VA), Johnston's Island (OH)

Pl. LXVII: Federal Point (NC), Fort Pemberton (MS), New Berne (NC), Harrison's Landing, Deep Bottom (VA), Fort Dushane, Petersburg (VA), Powder vessel, Board loop-hole, Signal tower

Pl. LXVIII: Fort Brady to Fort Burnham, Fort Burnham to New Market Road, Five Forks (VA), Cobb's Hill (VA), Bentonville (NC), James River, Cape Fear and Brunswick Rivers, Casemate, ,,,

Pl. LXIX: Maryland and Virginia, Cedar Creek (VA), Atlanta to Savannah

Pl. LXX: Savannah (GA), Selma (AL)

Pl. LXXI: Atlanta to Savannah, Chattahoochee River, Mobile (AL), Blakely (AL), Canton (MS)

Pl. LXXII: Franklin (TN), Nashville (TN), Waynesborough (VA), West Point (GA), Saunders Ford (AL), Gravelly Springs (AL)

Pl. LXXIII: Nashville (TN), Franklin (TN), Gettysburg

Pl. LXXIV: Central Virginia, Dinwiddie C.H., Montgomery (AL), Columbus (GA), Ebenezer Church

Pl. LXXV: Fort Fisher

Pl. LXXVI: Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, Atlanta (GA) to Goldsborough (NC), Big Salkehatchie River (SC), Cape Fear and Wilmington (NC), Army of the Potomac, Pile Bridge

Pl. LXXVII: Richmond (VA), Peterburg and Five Forks (VA), Bermuda Hundred (VA), Jetersville and Sailor's Creek (VA)

Pl. LXXVIII: Petersburg, Chester Station and Manchester Amelia Court-House (VA), Appomattox Court-House (VA), Corinth (MS), High Bridge and Farmville (VA), Petersburg (VA), Pittsburg...

Pl. LXXIX: Petersburg (VA), The Carolinas, Bentonville (NC), Averysborough (NC), Pea Ridge (AR), Spanish Fort (AL)

Pl. LXXX: campaign maps for Savannah (GA) to Goldsborough (NC)

Pl. LXXXI: Wilderness and Spotsylvania C.H. (VA), Staunton (VA) to Washington (DC), Gaines Mill to Lynchburg (VA), Hanover Junction (VA)

Pl. LXXXII: Harper's Ferry (WV), Martinsburg (VA), Burning of Chambersburg (PA), Guard Hill, Kearnystown and Shepherdsville (VA), Charlestown (VA), Smithfield (VA), Warren County (VA) ...

Pl. LXXXIII: Wilderness, Spotsylvania C.H. (VA), Hagerstown (MD), North Mountain Depot (VA), Lynchburg (VA), Roanoke County (VA), Frederick County (VA), Rutherford's Farm (VA)

Pl. LXXXIV: Milford (VA), Brock's Gap (VA), Moorefield (VA), New Creek, Beverly (VA), Lacey Spring (VA), Liberty Mills (VA), Gordonsville (VA), Army of the Valley District...

Pl. LXXXV: Winchester (VA), Cedar Run (VA), Port Republic (VA), Valley District (VA)

Pl. LXXXVI: Savannah (GA). to Goldsborough (NC)

Pl. LXXXVII: Mine Run (VA), Culpeper C.H. (VA), Brandy Station (VA), Orange County (VA), Atlanta (GA)

Pl. LXXXVIII: Atlanta (GA), Georgia

Pl. LXXXIX: N. E. Virginia, Richmond (VA)

Pl. XC: New Orleans, Atlanta (GA) Spanish Fort (AL), Paulding County, New Hope Church (GA), Savannah (GA), Mechanicsville (VA)

Pl. XCI: Spotsylvania County (VA); Hanover Junction (VA); Goldsborough (NC); Boyd's Neck, Honey Hill, Devaux's Neck (NC); Spanish Fort (AL)

Pl. XCII: Richmond vicinity (VA); Hanover County (VA); Kent County (VA)

Pl. XCIII: South side of James River (VA); Chancellorsville (VA)

Pl. XCIV: Alleganies; Valley of Virginia; Frederick region (MD); Salineville (OH); Cold Harbor (VA); Wilderness (VA); Spotsylvania CH (VA); Fifth Army Corp

Pl. XCV: Gettysburg; Winter's Gap (TN) to Louisa (KY)

Pl. XCVI: Wilderness (VA); North Anna (VA); Spotsylvania CH (VA); Chickamauga (GA); Army of Mississippi; Topotomonoy (VA)

Pl. XCVII: Chattanooga (TN); Chickamauga (GA); Cold Harbor (VA)

Pl. XCVIII: Military Dept. of Mexico; Chickamauga (GA); Dardanelle (AR); Shiloh (TN)

Pl. XCIX: Winchester (VA); Fisher's Hill and Cedar Creek (VA)

Pl. C: Central Virginia; Richmond and Petersburg (VA)

Pl. CI: Campaign maps from Chattanooga (TN) to Atlanta (GA); Atlanta (GA) to Savannah (GA)

Pl. CII: Mumfordville (KY); Camp Nelson (KY); Louisville (KY)

Pl. CIII: Bowling Green (KY); Cincinnati (OH), Covington and Newport (KY)

Pl. CIV: Batteries in Petersburg (VA); Fort Davis in Petersburg (VA)

Pl. CV: Mobile (VA); Rappahannock Station (VA); Columbia (TN); New Berne to Kingston (NC); West Harpeth River (TN); Petersburg (VA); Wilmington (NC); Franklin (TN)

Pl. CVI: Drawings of canvas pantoon boats, bridges and chess wagons

Pl. CVII: Batteries, Petersburg (VA); Fort Sidney Johnston, Mobile (AL); drawings of rifle projectiles; Defences, Mobile (AL)

Pl. CVIII: Forts in Mobile (AL)

Pl. CIX: Forts in Mobile (AL)

Pl. CX: Army of West Mississippi

Pl. CXI: Northern Virginia; Cross Keys (VA); Franklin (VA); Cleveland (TN); Knoxville (TN); Chickamauga (TN); Chattanooga (TN)

Pl. CXII: Bridgeport (AL); Murfreesborough (TN); Nashville (TN); Stevenson (AL); Defences of Chattanooga (TN)

Pl. CXIII: Defences of Chattanoonga (TN); Defences of Nashville (TN);

Pl. CXIV: Defences of Nashville (TN); Fort Pickering, Memphis (TN); Fort Donelson (TN); Memphis and environs (TN)

Pl. CXV: Johnsonville (TN); Clarksville (TN); Decatur (AL); Athens (AL); Dalton (GA); Franklin (TN); Columbia (TN); Gallatin (TN); Huntsville (AL)

Pl. CXVI: McDonnell (VA); Gettysburg Campaign (PA); Pocahontas and Highland Counties (VA); Operations in N. Va., W. Va., and Md.

Pl. CXVII: Marches of United States forces

Pl. CXVIII: Army of the Cumberland; Cumberland Gap (TN); Environs of Petersburg (VA)

Pl. CXIX: Texas, Kansas and Indian Territory;

Pl. CXX: Army of the Tennessee; Utah

Pl. CXXI: Views of forts in Charleston Harbor (SC)

Pl. CXXII: Views of forts in Charleston Harbor (SC)

Pl. CXXIII: Views of Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge (TN)

Pl. CXXIV: Views of Nashville (TN), Lookout Mountain (TN), Rossville Gap (GA), Buzzard Roost Gap and Rocky Face Ridge (GA), Dutch Gap (VA), Broadway (VA), Spofford (VA)

Pl. CXXV: Views defenses in Sawyer (VA), Pruyn (VA), Carpenter (VA), Anderson (VA), McConihe (VA), Dutton (VA), Drake (VA), Richmond (VA), Pontoon bridge, James River (VA)

Pl. CXXVI: Views in Richmond (VA), City Point (VA), Atlanta (GA)

Pl. CXXVII: Views in Atlanta (GA)

Pl. CXXVIII: Views in Atlanta (GA)

Pl. CXXIX: Views of Atlanta (GA), Chattanooga (TN), Position of the Iron clads

Pl. CXXX: Views of Knoxville (TN), Chattanooga (TN)

Pl. CXXXI: Charleston and its defences; New Berne defences (NC); Atlanta (GA)

Pl. CXXXII: Bruswick and New Hanover Counties (NC); Fort Caswell, Fear River (NC); Fort Johnston, Smithville (NC); Smith's Island (NC); Augusta (GA); Columbus (GA); Champion's Hill (MS

Pl. CXXXIII: Averasborough (NC); Bentonville (NC); Savannah (GA); Bird's Point (MO)

Pl. CXXXIV: California, Nevada, Oregon and Idaho

Pl. CXXXV: Wilson's Creek (MO); Cedar Mountain (VA); Hanover, Henrico and Chesterfield Counties (VA); Macon (GA); Buckingham and Appomattox Counties (VA); Chancellorsville (VA)

Pl. CXXXV-A: United States and Canada

Pl. CXXXV-B: Franklin (TN); Fort Anderson (NC); Droop Mountain; White Sulphur Springs

Pl. CXXXV-C: Part of Virginia; New Creek Sta.; Big Black Bridge; Baker's Creek, Franklin (TN)

Pl. CXXXIV: General topographical map, sheet I

Pl. CXXXVII: General topographical map, sheet II

Pl. CXXXVIII: General topographical map, sheet III

Pl. CXXXIX: General topographical map, sheet IV

Pl. CXL: General topographical map, sheet V

Pl. CXLI: General topographical map, sheet VI

Pl. CXLII: General topographical map, sheet VII

Pl. CXLIII: General topographical map, sheet VIII

Pl. CXLIV: General topographical map, sheet IX

Pl. CXLV: General topographical map, sheet X

Pl. CXLVI: General topographical map, sheet XI

Pl. CXLVII: General topographical map, sheet XII

Pl. CXLVIII: General topographical map, sheet XIII

Pl. CXLIX: General topographical map, sheet XIV

Pl. CL: General topographical map, sheet XV

Pl. CLI: General topographical map, sheet XVI

Pl. CLII: General topographical map, sheet XVII

Pl. CLIII: General topographical map, sheet XVIII

Pl. CLIV: General topographical map, sheet XIX

Pl. CLV: General topographical map, sheet XX

Pl. CLVI: General topographical map, sheet XXI

Pl. CLVII: General topographical map, sheet XXII

Pl. CLVIII: General topographical map, sheet XXIII

Pl. CLIX: General topographical map, sheet XXIV

Pl. CLX: General topographical map, sheet XXV

Pl. CLXI: General topographical map, sheet XXVI

Pl. CLXII: United States, Union and Confederate geographic divisions

Pl. CLXIII: United States, Union and Confederate geographic divisions

Pl. CLXIV: United States, Union and Confederate geographic divisions

Pl. CLXV: United States, Union and Confederate geographic divisions

Pl. CLXVI: United States, Union and Confederate geographic divisions

Pl. CLXVII: United States, Union and Confederate geographic divisions

Pl. CLXVIII: United States, Union and Confederate geographic divisions

Pl. CLXIX: United States, Union and Confederate geographic divisions

Pl. CLXX: United States, Union and Confederate geographic divisions

Pl. CLXXI: United States, Union and Confederate geographic divisions

Pl. CLXXII: Uniforms of Union and Confederate forces

Pl. CLXXIII: Arms, cannons, etc.

Pl. CLXXIV: Tranporations for sick and wounded

Pl. CLXXV: Flags

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