NAZI Concentration & Death Camps Film Collection DVD

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This is a collection of two fascinating and very graphic films that were created by soldiers on the ground towards the end of World War II as they liberated concentration camps. The footage - detailed below - is quite graphic in some parts.

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"Learn the facts and history about the holocaust
survivors firsthand as soldiers liberate Jewish and
other peoples from the Nazi concentration camps."

*** Warning - This DVD Contains Raw Uncensored Footage ***

This is a collection of two fascinating and very graphic films accuratley depict stark facts about the holocaust. These films were created by soldiers on the ground towards the end of World War II as they liberated concentration camps. The footage - detailed below - is quite graphic in some parts. You will see holocaust survivors - adults and children of the holocaust - being liberated and others who were murdered by the Nazi concentration camp machine. These two first hand account films are a very important piece of the history of the holocaust and paint a very stark and somber picture of the holocaust.

The films include footage taken at the following areas:

  • Leipsig Concentration Camp
  • Penig Concentration Camp
  • Ohrdruf Concentration Camp
  • Hadamar Concentration Camp
  • Breendonck Concentration Camp
  • Harlan Concentration Camp
  • Arnstadt Concentration Camp
  • Nordhausen Concentration Camp
  • Mauthausen Concentration Camp
  • Buchenwald Concentration Camp
  • Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp
  • and more...

Here are all the films that make up this fascinating collection:


Nazi Concentration Camps (1945)

**This film contains extremely graphic scenes of human suffering, please exercise caution when viewing.**

concentration camp imageholocaust pictureholocaust victims
Children of the holocaust
holocaust survivors
holocaust photos of the dead

Compilation footage of Nazi concentration camps in the immediate aftermath of World War II. The footage was gathered by the US Department of Defense as part of the effort to conduct war crimes trials conducted as a result of the holocaust. The six reels presented below make up the entirety of this graphic film. They will give you a chance to hear real holocaust survivor stories and see the stark scenes of death and human suffering committed at these Nazi concentration camps.

Reel 1:

Army Lt. Col. George C. Stevens, Navy Lt. E. Ray Kellogg and U.S. Chief of Counsel Robert H. Jackson read exhibited affidavits which attest to authenticity of scenes in film and presents the facts of the holocaust as witnessed by them. Map of Europe shows locations of concentration camps in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovokia, Danzing, Denmark, France, Germany, Isle of Jersey, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland and Yugoslavia. At Leipsig Concentration Camp, there are stark pictures of the holocaust - piles of dead bodies, and many living Russian, Czechoslovakian, Polish and French prisoners. At Penig Concentration Camp, Hungarian women and others display wounds. Doctors treat patients and U.S. Red Cross workers move them to German Air Force hospital where their former captors are forced to care for them.

Reel 2:

At Ohrdruf Concentration Camp, inspection team composed of Allied military leaders, members of U.S. Congress and local townspeople tours camp. Among them are Generals Dwight David Eisenhower, Supreme Headquaters Allied Expeditionary Forces commander; Omar Nelson Bradley; and George S. Patten. General Eisenhower speaks with Congressmen. They see bodies heaped on grill at crematorium and Polish, Czechoslovakian, Russian, Belgian, German Jews and German political prisoners. Col. Heyden Sears, Combat Command A, 4th Armored Division commander, forces local townspeople to tour camp. U.S. officers arrive at Hadamar Concentration Camp, where Polish, Russian and German political and religious dissidents were murdered. Maj. Herman Boelke of U.S. War Crimes Investigation Team (WCIT) examines survivors. Bodies are exhumed from mass graves for examination, identification and burial. Four-man panel interviews facility director Dr. Waldman and chief male nurse Karl Wille.

Reel 3:

At Breendonck Concentration Camp, Belgium, methods of torture are demonstrated. At Harlan Concentration Camp near Hannover, U.S. Red Cross aides Polish survivors. Allied troops and able-bodied survivors bury dead. At Arnstadt Concentration Camp, German villagers are forced to exhume Polish and Russian bodies from mass graves.

Reel 4:

At Nordhausen Concentration Camp, we see more holocaust atrocities. There are piles of bodies. Troops treat, feed and remove survivors who are mainly Polish, Russian and French. At Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Navy Lt. Jack H. Taylor stands with fellow survivors and describes his capture, imprisonment and conditions at Mauthausen. Volunteers bathe victims.

Reel 5:

At Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Army trucks arrive with aid for survivors. Piles of dead, mutilated and emaciated bodies. Some survivors among dead. Huge ovens and piles of bone ash on floor of crematorium. Civilians from nearby Weimar are forced to tour camp. They see exhibits of lampshades made of human skin, and two shrunken heads.


British commander of Royal Artillery describes conditions at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. German Army Schutzstaffel (SS) troops are forced to bury dead and aid survivors. Woman doctor, former prisoner, describes conditions in female section of camp. Belson commander Kramer is taken into custody. German guards bury dead. Bulldozer pushes piles of bodies into mass graves.

Run time: 51:56
Audio/Visual: sound, Black & White


Nazi Death Mills

The Death Mills is a 1945 American propaganda documentary film directed by Billy Wilder and produced by the United States Department of War. It was created for showing to German audiences to educate them about the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime. The film states that 20 million people were killed and describes many of the more common practices committed during the Holocaust, including the medical experiments and the gas chambers.

Run time: 21:22