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Your one stop resource for rare vintage film collections, book archives and much more convenienty packaged in CD and DVD format for your enjoyment. Browse our shop where you will find all manner of history, genealogy, war and nostalgia items for your continuing education and entertainment. From vintage TV commercials to memorable moments in history, our many products are sure to satisfy your educational itch.

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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan's State of the Union Address Collection

Ronald Reagan was well respected for his ability to clearly articulate his message to the American people and the world. In addition to his numerous speeches around the world, he had the special privledge of delivering seven State of the Union addresses to the American People - a time where he outlined what was accompished and what was left to be done. Each of the speeches is a masterful example of his speaking style and a reflection of his unflappable core principles and makes for a fascinating retrospective of one of America's greatest Presidents.


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High Resolution videos of the Apollo Missions from the Space Vehicles in our Space History product category.

We have added additional products to our railroad collection, including interesting collections about Subways and Trolleys as well as an interesting collection of Frisco Employee's Magazine.

Vintage art techniques are hot. Learn the Art of Illuminated Manuscripts and Human Anatomy Drawing with these two latest additions to our catalog.

Two years in the making, it is our pleasure to present the official release of the Master Edition of The War of the Rebellion - the only fully searchable, page perfect digital edition of the OR. (Press Release)

Hurricane season is starting. Its time to prepare - and in case you need a reminder about how deadly hurricanes can be, check out these videos: Hurricane Below, A Lady Called Camille, A Hurricane Called Betsy and The Aftermath of Hurricane Floyd

With the launch of the Space Suttle Endeavor yesterday - the second to last U.S. manned space flight, it is a good time to reflect on the man who kicked off this glorious adventure - John F. Kennedy and his famous Man on the Moon Speech at Rice Stadium

Locomotives - those hugely powerful motors on wheels - were the critical invention in making rail travel possible. View our new collection Early Locomotives and Their History to learn more about these powerful machines.

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